Search tips

This guide outlines useful methods you can use to search databases effectively to find the Afghanistan contemporary laws you need:
  • Laws in Dari language are available only in Dari Interface of the database and the same applies for the laws in Pashto and English languages. Please choose the language from the top Header.
  • The Search engine is functioning as “Full Text Search” so you will be able to search the metadata and also the phrases from the content body (PDFs) and you can view or download the PDF.
  • Limit your search based on hierarchical classification from the dropdown Menu integrated with the search box.
  • To explore laws for specific subjects, navigate through the three Hierarchical, Sectoral and Scientific classifications at the bottom of the home page or from Classification bar at the top Menu bar.
  • Use advance filter to limit your search by Language, Classification and Date; it is placed on the top of the result page.
  • When you search for some laws, you will also see the hierarchical classification on the top of the result page from where you can sort the search result accordingly.